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Shipton’s Heating & Cooling: Case Study (Marketing)

OSM Marketing: Shipton’s Heating & CoolingChallenges

Shipton’s Heating & Cooling has been hosted with OSM Websites on our easy to update website platform, SiteApex, since 2009. With a long legacy of providing top quality Heating and Cooling Services in the Hamilton area, they felt the pressure of competition and desired to grow as a company in new and innovative ways, especially online where they knew everyone was searching for their type of products and services.


Marketing Case Study - Shipton's Heating and CoolingAfter evaluating Shiptons current challenges, OSM Websites started a new marketing campaign that included the following:

  1. Keyword Research - determine the winnable terms their prospective customers were searching on
  2. Optimize website pages to ensure each page was set up right for search engines
  3. Back-link Building – Increased their website popularity by linking to other high quality sites
  4. Promotional Campaigns – ultize their strong Domain Authority and rankings combined with innovative ideas to convert that traffic into sales leads
  5. Wrote fresh new page content full of rich keywords to grow search ranking on target keywords
  6. On page SEO - optimized their website pages for those terms
  7. Improved their ranking with industry keywords


  • Started campaign in July 2014 averaging 1800 visitors per month. Their website traffic Increased to 3000 in December 2014 and for the first four months of 2015 they averaged 1000 more visitors each month more than they had in 2014.
  • Increase in sales within 3 months of campaign 
  • Stronger presence in the online market, pushing out competition
  • Higher ranking on search engines in a shorter time period
  • More room for growth, very large market
  • 61% of traffic is from new leads who know nothing of shiptons, but need services they provide 

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