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Premium Email Service

Our premium email service is light years ahead of the free email** included with our hosting accounts.

Our free email service** that we include with our hosting accounts works great for very basic email needs, but spam filtration is limited to static filters and as your email accumulates, it uses up valuable space in your hosting account that your website could be using for pictures, videos, and more.

Benefits of our premium email service

Tons of space

25 Gigabytes of space per email account.

Adaptive Spam Filtering

We subscribe to professional spam filtering service that are constantly updating and learning. This adaptive technology stops almost all spam from reaching your inbox. Each mailbox also has the ability to report e-mails as spam. Stop wasting time sorting through piles of spam in your inbox.

Chat With Other Members of Your Organization

When logged into webmail, you can live chat with other members of your organization that are logged in at the same time.

Never Get Locked Out of Your Account

Add your cell phone number to your account info and if you get locked out of your account, our system can reset your login and send a message directly to your phone to help you get logged back in.

Customized Documentation

Looking to set up your Outlook software or mobile device to check your email on the go. Just click on the help section while logged into webmail. Choose your software or device from the list, and the documentation gives you step-by-step instructions and settings on how to connect.

We're Here to Support You

In addition to the world class support documentation and walk-throughs, we're here to support you. If you need assistance with anything, just get in touch with our helpful support staff.

Email Migration From Your Current Email Service

In many cases, we're able to migrate your emails over from your current email provider.*

*A fee per email account migrated applies. The webmail login location, username, and password is required for each account you wish migrated.

A Comparison of free vs. premium email service

Here's a handy chart comparing the free email service included with your hosting account from us vs the premium email service.

Feature Free Email** Premium Email
Space Limited to the available space in your hosting account. 25 Gigabytes per email account. No affect on your website's available hosting space.
Spam Filtering Very basic filters. Per Domain blocking and a single spam score threshold. Dynamic and adaptive spam filters that stop almost all spam from reaching your inbox. Ability to mark e-mails as spam.
Organizational chat via Webmail No Yes
Account lock out prevention No Yes
Email migration available No Yes

**Free email refers to the free email service included with most of our hosting accounts.

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