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D.G. Brown Construction: Case Study (Marketing)


D.G. Brown Construction has been hosted with OSM Websites on our easy to update website platform, SiteApex, since 2011. D.G. Brown Construction with over 40 years in business came to an important realization when they realized that there was a great need for online advertisement on platforms with heavy local traffic like google and social media. These platforms had become a very competitive playing field for construction companies.


After evaluating D.G. Brown's current challenges, OSM Websites started a new marketing campaign that included the following:

  1. Keyword Research - determine the winnable terms their prospective customers were searching on
  2. Optimize website pages to ensure each page was set up right for search engines
  3. Back-link Building – Increased their website popularity by linking to other high quality sites
  4. Facebook Target Ad Campaigns – utilize their social media presence and page content combined with innovative ideas to drive traffic to their website and convert that traffic into sales leads
  5. Wrote fresh new page content full of rich keywords to grow search ranking on target keywords
  6. On page SEO - optimized their website pages for those terms
  7. Improved their ranking with industry keywords
  8. Manage their reputation online by acquiring positive Google reviews, Facebook reviews and Testimonials through their website


  • Year over year increase of traffic since campaign start in 2015. (Yearly average of 35-250 visitors in 2015 increased to an average of 100 - 730 visitors in 2017)
  • Increase in sales within 4 months of campaign 
  • Strong conversion rate with effective target Facebook ads
  • Increase in rankings on search engines
  • Target Facebook posts reach approximately 4000 Facebook users monthly
  • Over 70% of traffic on a 3 month average comes from social media
  • Strong reputation built online by an increase of positive reviews on search platforms and social media

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