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Clean Air Solutions: Case Study (Marketing)

OSM Marketing: Clean Air SolutionsChallenges

Clean Air Solutions is a new company that branched off of an existing company, Shipton’s located in Hamilton Ontario. Shipton’s had already seen success from our marketing efforts and wanted to see the same for Clean Air Solutions. The biggest challenge was that this was a brand new company, brand new website a highly competitive urban market.


After evaluating Clean Air Solution's main challenge of being a new business website with no domain authority, OSM Websites started a new marketing campaign that included the following:

  1. Marketing Case Study - CleanAir Solutions HamiltonKeyword Research - what terms their prospective customers were searching on
  2. Inter-linking and 301 permanent links from higher ranking website
  3. Optimize website pages to ensure each was set up right for search engines
  4. Back-link Building – Increased their website popularity by linking to other high quality sites
  5. Wrote fresh new page content full of rich keywords to grow page ranking
  6. On page SEO - optimized their website pages for those terms
  7. Improved their ranking with industry keywords


  • Started marketing campaign in September 2014 with 395 (approx.) visitors per month – increased to 862 per month in April 2015
  • First 4 months of 2015, total visitors was 2,996 for 4 months so far in the ongoing year.
  • Website visitors doubled in 4 months
  • Increase in profits in a short period of time
  • Strong presence in the online market early in the life of the company
  • Higher ranking on search engines in a shorter time period

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