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Why Use Our  Business Builder Content Management System?

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Attract Customers to our Website

  • By keeping your website fresh — updating pages, news articles, calendar of events... You can even change the homepage design with the press of a button — great for seasonal features.
  • Through search engines — you can manage the "meta tags" for search engines, and the site construction is "search engine friendly".
  • Boost your Google rank with built in search engine optimization - The business builder content management system helps optimize your website for best SEO practices.

Convert Visitors to Customers

  • Use Business Builder features to educate, entertain and convince potential customers to make a purchase — You can add images, photo galleries, testimonials, supporting documents, and more,  to positively influence purchasing decisions.
  • Capture leads — Take every opportunity to capture visitor information, by providing an offer of value. You can create forms, ie. for draws, surveys, quote requests, event registrations, requests for more information ...
  • Measure and adjust your results — You can measure your web site activity, and make educated decisions about changes to improve the results. This simple cms system will be easy to use and help you judge results!

Retain Your Customers

  • Enhance communications with existing customers — the Blog and Bulletin Board facilitate communications and support.
  • Keep your business on your customers' minds — through News RSS feeds and Newsletters.
  • Provide a "members only" area — where you can provide information not available to the general public
And you can add more features at any time  ie. Shop Cart, Banner Ad Tracking and more for our made simple cms!

Business Builder Sample Sites:   

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“[OSM has] provided information, coordinated my training, addressed my fears and concerns and helped me to appreciate the importance and value of approaches recommended... I have very, very much appreciated [their] rapid responsiveness.. I could have gone anywhere in the world to get this work done and am proud that OSM has shown itself to be at pace and capability with the best anywhere. ”

Lyle Bunn -

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